April 13, 2015

Hudson, Summit
When selecting a light bulb, it is important to choose a product that possesses the right wattage and size for the fixture. Using the wrong bulb is not just a matter of preserving the life of the bulb; it’s an issue of safety. R.B. Thomas Electric Co. is the electrician of choice for the Northeastern Ohio area, and their electrical service specialists know the importance of using the right light bulb in the right fixture.

If you use a bulb that does not match the wattage of the fixture, the bulb will likely burn out prematurely. The mismatch between a bulb’s capabilities and the amount of electricity generated by the fixture will cause the bulb to malfunction. This will cost you the price of a bulb, and another trip to the hardware store!

But more serious ramifications are possible as well. Lighting fixture manufacturers put warning labels on their products that state the maximum amount of wattage your bulb can have. Manufacturers stress that using the wrong wattage could potentially result in a fire. A fire can break out if the fixture overheats—a not uncommon result of using a light bulb with the incorrect wattage.

Pay close attention to the manufacturer’s suggestions. Only buy bulbs within the accepted range of wattage. The manufacturer’s label will also typically state what type of bulb is preferred for the fixture; this is usually type A.

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