(Published in Hudson, Summit)
February 16, 2015

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 85% of all fire fatalities occur at home, mostly at night when people are defenseless. A well-functioning smoke detector is your family’s first line of defense against being injured or even killed in a fire. Most homeowners remember to change the batteries in their smoke detectors every year, but how often do you replace the alarm unit itself?

To keep your home safe as possible, R.B. Thomas Electric, one of Ohio’s most respected electrical contractors, recommends changing your smoke detectors every 10 years for the following reasons:

  • Smoke detectors based on older designs have a much higher failure rate than new models, some as high as 30%. Newer alarms should also be replaced every 10 years, just to be safe.
  • Nuisance alarms, which aging alarm detectors are particularly susceptible to, are incredibly disruptive and lead many homeowners to disable their systems entirely. The newest smoke detectors are much more reliable.
  • At least half of reported fire deaths in homes with smoke detectors occurred because the alarm failed to go off, usually because of dead or missing batteries, or because the unit itself was outdated.
  • Since alarms can fail at any time, the electricians at R.B. Thomas Electric urge you to maintain a monthly testing schedule on both battery-operated and hard-wired units. You should also consider changing the detectors every time you move into a new residence, unless you know precisely when they were installed.
  • To protect your family with the professional expertise of a fully licensed fire alarm specialist, visit R.B. Thomas Electric online now or call (330) 650-0513.